Why Are These Awesome People Hanging Out Together?

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The Awesome People Hanging Out Together blog, as the name implies, features pictures of awesome people hanging out together. The blog basically just posts pics with absolutely no context, so you’ve got to guess at what brought them together. Why not make the reason something that you can use in a game? Unless otherwise noted, the famous people are the PCs (in some cases you may have to fill in some more characters for the remaining players–be creative).

1-2: Richard Nixon and Robocop: One’s a former President who resigned in disgrace. The other’s an experimental law enforcement cyborg. They’re cops. 

3-4: Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir: These two are about to kill a fucking dinosaur. With a stick.

5-6: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davs, Jr.: They do wetwork for the CIA.

7-8: Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali: In 1974, the first Pan-Galactic Space Games were held to determine which planets would be spared from the wrath of Morgalak the Devourer. Two of Earth’s champions are pictured here.

9-10: Frank Zappa and Jack Kirby: They’re cops. Time cops.

11-12: Freddy Mercury and Elton John: Unbeknownst to most people, there are special people throughout the world who possess amazing super-powers. In the 1970s and 80s, a surprising number of them became rock musicians. Every now and then they have to cancel some tour dates, saddle up the space tigers, and deal with a cosmic threat.

13-14: The Dalai Lama and Fred Rogers: Three days ago, a little girl in Junction City, Kansas, wandered through a magical portal that appeared in her back yard. She came back through hours later a fully grown woman with tales of years spent in a magical place called Glitter Valley with her friends the Laser Ponies. Now, the evil Chasm Queen threatens to destroy her adopted homeland and she needs help, but only the purest of souls can pass through the portal.

15-16: Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, and cats: Vincent Price has mind-controlled Peter Lorre to assist him in his scheme to feed on people’s souls using cat minions. When Price has attained enough power, he will cast a dark ritual that will turn the world into a dark, gothic hellscape. It’s up to the PCs to stop him.

17-18: Andy Warhol and Salavador Dali: These two wouldn’t normally be considered a threat, except for the small fact that they’ve both been dead for quite a long time. Experts within the agency believe that some evil genius has created a mystical supercomputer powered by human eccentricity, but they’re not sure who the villain is or what he’s got planned.

19-20: Neil Gaiman and Terry Gilliam: Please let them be doing a project together. Is the Good Omens movie a thing again? I realize there’s no game ideas in this entry, but how awesome would a movie written by Gaiman and directed by Gilliam be?