10 Fun Facts About The Hex Ficton

The Hex Ficton is the fictional setting where Hobomancer, M-Force, Weird Times at Charles Fort High, and numerous other games published by Hex Games take place. We often describe the Hex Ficton as a world that’s like our own, but vastly weirder. This list provides some insight into how weird it is. You can learn more at the Hex Ficton page.

"10 Fun Facts About The Hex Ficton"

Hex Games Does Zine Quest 2

Three of Hex Games’ most prolific creators have launched Kickstarter campaigns as part of the Zine Quest 2 event. Given that some of the earliest Hex products were released in zine format (even though we didn’t call them zines), it’s kind of to be expected. We’ve helpfully provided the basic info, end dates, and Kickstarter links below so you can make sure you don’t miss out. Them’s Monsters by Joshua LH Burnett Kickstarter Ends February…

"Hex Games Does Zine Quest 2"

Rebuilding the Archives

Welcome to the Death Cookie! You might notice that there’s not much content here. That’s because I’ve just updated the software. Also, I haven’t posted anything new for almost a year. All the articles from the old site are here, but they’re not published because I need to tweak them a bit before they go live. I’m working on that, and will re-post the articles as I get them cleaned up. In the meantime, you…

"Rebuilding the Archives"

How the Death Cookie Got Its Name

Most gaming sites have names like “Dungeon Monkeys” or “Narrative Pomposity,” so you may wonder where “Death Cookie” came from. Or maybe you don’t. You’re about to find out anyway. Although we didn’t buy the domain until around 2000, the name goes all the way back to the late 90s. Back then, both the Death Cookie and the Hex Games website were subdirectories of my Mindspring account. There was a little squiggle in the URL…

"How the Death Cookie Got Its Name"

Review: Dark Dungeons: The Movie

I feel like I need to start with some disclosures. I first played Dungeons & Dragons in something like fourth grade and have been a gamer ever since. Hell, I even started a game company. I’ve also been fascinated by Jack Chick for at least 20 years. I have a binder full of Chick comics I’ve collected over the years. I’d like to own the whole collection, but I can’t bring myself to order them.…

"Review: Dark Dungeons: The Movie"