Random One-Shot Game Generator

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Sometimes, instead of a blog, you get a widget. This is one of those times. I made up a random generator script to generate one-shot (or if you’re really brave, campaign) ideas based on the tables in The Book of Dumb Tables 1 & 2. You can play with it on this ugly-ass page here. I’ve also linked this and the other random generators from the menu at the top so you don’t have to bookmark the link to find them later. One of these days I’ll get around to making them all prettier and easier to navigate, but not today.

Edit: Speaking of the Book of Dumb Tables, it’s part of the Game Masters Memorial Fund Charity Drive Bundle, which just went up at Drivethru. The bundle is to benefit fellow gamer, GM, and game designer Christopher J.N. Banks, who recently lost his 5 1/2 year old daughter, Persephone. The bundle is full of good stuff including Shadowrun 5E, some Savage World Books, and lots more, so it’s a great bargain as well as a good cause. All proceeds go to the Banks family to help pay for medical expenses and to put together a proper tribute for their daughter. If you’ve got $20 to spare, please consider picking up the bundle.

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