Dumb Table: Random Mash-Ups

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It’s Dumb Table kind of week, so here’s a (not-quite) double sized table of random mash-up game ideas. Just roll 2d20-1 for a random game to run.

  1. Smokey and the Time Bandits
  2. Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Towers
  3. The Serpent and the Rainbow Connection
  4. The People Under the Stairs Vs. Larry Flynt
  5. Hudson Hawk the Slayer
  6. The Fisher King Kong
  7. Grumpy Old Mystery Men
  8. I’m Gonna Git You Suckerpunch
  9. The Quick and the Dredd
  10. Demolition Man of La Mancha
  11. Lost Boyz in the Hood
  12. CSI: Miami Connection
  13. Oh, Godzilla!
  14. Road House of 1,000 Corpses
  15. From Justin to Kelly’s Heroes
  16. Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead Like Me
  17. Django & Cash
  18. Con Airbender
  19. Zorro, the Gay Blade Runner
  20. Manos, the Hands of the Fate of the Furious
  21. Snakes on a Soul Plane
  22. On the Yellow Brick Road
  23. Mulholland Drive Angry
  24. Beasts of the Southern Wild at Heart
  25. Tank Girl, Interrupted
  26. The Princess Bride of Frankenstein
  27. The Masque of the Red Deathstalker
  28. 3 Men Who Stare At Goats and a Baby
  29. Mazes & Monster Squad
  30. A Dark Knight’s Tale
  31. Fear and Loathing in Lankhmar
  32. The Imaginarium of Dr. Fu Manchu
  33. Lost Highway to Heaven
  34. The Breakfast Fight Club
  35. Flashdances with Wolves
  36. Twelfth Boogie Night
  37. Romancing the Philosopher’s Stone
  38. Veronica Mars Attacks!
  39. Harry Crumb and the Chamber of Secrets

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