Qerth Name Generator

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Another script this week. This one’s the Random Qerth Name Generator, which lets you generate names based on your Qerth Job. If the basic names are too cliched for you (and trust me, they’re incredibly cliched), you have two options to spice them up. For a more exotic name, click the box to ad random apostrophes and foreign sounding bits. If you want your character’s name to be more totally metal, you can turn on The Lemmynator! It did weird things when I tried to include the file here, so you’ll have to click the link to play with the generator.

Editor’s Note: On most browsers, this page is too narrow to show the generated names in the middle where they belong, so you’ll have to scroll down in the iframe window to see them (it’s easier to use the link above to go to the standalone page).

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