Wednesday WWPHITM? Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser

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To continue with this week’s musings on Sword & Sorcery fantasy, this Wednesday WWPHITM? takes a look at Fritz Lieber’s Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser series. The basic plot will be “Ill Met in Lankhmar,’ probably with brief retellings (possibly as flashbacks) of “The Cold Women” and “The Unholy Grail” included. Guy Ritchie directs.

Sean Bean as Fafhrd


Sure it’s typecasting, but it’s typecasting that makes perfect sense.



Colin Farrell as The Gray Mouser

Farrell seems to be on the smallish side as action stars go, and we know he can do glib rakishness with the best of them.

Alternate: Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood from the latest BBC series) would also make an excellent Mouser.



Erica Durance as Vlana

Fafhrd’s girl needs to be a tough chick, and we know from Smallville that Durance can hold her own. Of course, if she decides she’s tired of holding her own, we’ll gladly hold them for her.




Natalie Portman as Ivrian

Casting Portman as the Mouser’s “delicately handsome” princess is another case of typecasting, but yet again we think it’s justified.




Abe Vigoda as Hristomilo

If you read the description of the Thieves’ Guild wizard in “Ill Met in Lankhmar,” we think you’ll see what we mean. Just make sure to film Abe’s scenes early, just to be safe.




Joaquin Phoenix as Krovas

We don’t know what the hell’s going on with Joaquin, but the look certainly works for Lankhmar’s Guildmaster of Thieves.







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