Random Nic Cage Characters

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It’s an awkward situation and nobody likes to admit it, but sometimes when you’re making characters for a new game, you can’t help but thinking to yourself “this calls for Nic Cage.” The question then becomes “Which Nic Cage?” After all, Cage–like the universe itself–is infinite and ever-expanding. While we can’t help you determine whether your character will be the delightfully offbeat Cage from Raising Arizona and Adaptation, the over-the-top, trying-way-to-hard wannabe badass from Con Air and Face/Off, or even the “Holy shit! When did this guy learn how to act?” Cage from movies like Leaving Las Vegas, but we can give you some random tables designed to result in some Cage-o-licious character ideas.


Nic Cage is a(n)…

  1. Elvis Impersonator
  2. Surfer Dude
  3. Business Man
  4. Writer
  5. College Professor
  6. Working Stiff
  7. Soldier
  8. Federal Agent
  9. Crime Lord
  10. Ex-Convict
  11. Cop on the Edge
  12. Small-Time Criminal
  13. Con Artist
  14. Hitman
  15. Vigilante
  16. Archaeological Adventurer
  17. Conspiracy Theorist
  18. Monster Hunter
  19. Powerful Wizard
  20. Supernatural Creature


  1. Psychic powers
  2. Amnesia
  3. A briefcase full of cash
  4. Stolen goods
  5. A mission
  6. A dark secret
  7. A grudge
  8. A price on his head
  9. A gambling problem
  10. A drug/alcohol problem
  11. Debts he can’t pay
  12. Trouble at home
  13. A big decision to make
  14. A heart of gold
  15. Enemies on his trail
  16. A super-charged roadster
  17. A big bag of guns
  18. A treasure map
  19. A body in the trunk
  20. 36 hours to live

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