American Artifacts

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Sorry about missing a couple of weeks–other commitments, plague, pestilence, that kind of things. I’ll try not to let it happen again (much). I’m going to ease back into things with a couple of easy tables of random magical items that you can base your next story around. Conveniently enough, Hex produces two American Artifacts PDFs, each with 20 items of that type. Start out by rolling a d20. ON a roll of 10 or less, roll on the table for American Artifacts. On a roll of 11 or more, roll on the table for American Artifacts 2. Once you’ve determined which item you’ll be using, all you have to do is buy the PDF, read up on it, and figure out the storyline.


altAmerican Artifacts Items

  1. The Car Hank Died In
  2. The Car That Won’t Die
  3. The Crossroads Guitar
  4. The Dead Man’s Deck
  5. The Devil’s Fiddle
  6. Doctor Bizarre’s Ring
  7. The Earhart Compass
  8. Elvis’s Golden Gun
  9. Emperor Norton’s Hat
  10. Engine 4 (The Phantom Company)
  11. Gabriel’s Horn
  12. Gygaxian Dice
  13. Jack Kirby’s Drawing Table
  14. Lincoln’s Funeral Train
  15. The Log
  16. The Lost Golden Spike
  17. Pinkerton’s Badge
  18. The Resurrection Theater
  19. The Rug That Ties the Room Together
  20. Stagger Lee’s Hat

altAmerican Artifacts 2 Items

  1. Attucks’s Musket Ball
  2. Babe Ruth’s Bat
  3. Ben Franklin’s Automaton
  4. The Cincinnati Mural
  5. Clint’s Poncho
  6. The Clock’s Mask
  7. The Coffee Mug of Malaclypse the Younger
  8. Edison’s Spirit Phone
  9. Faulkner’s Pocket Watch
  10. Geronimo’s Skull
  11. Mark Twain’s Cigar Box
  12. Nat Turner’s Bible
  13. Orville & Chuck’s Pack of Gum
  14. Shard of the True Plane
  15. Stephen King’s Typewriter
  16. The Sword of State
  17. Tesla’s Ray Gun
  18. Uncle Vern’s Head
  19. Warren Zevon’s Perfect Sandwich Recipe
  20. Zuzu’s Petals




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