Cyberpunk Characters

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I’ve been playing around with an idea for a cyberpunk game, so below are some tables with random cyberpunk Words for character creation. For cyberware, genetic tinkering, and high-tech gear, I’d probably use a system along the lines of the equipment rules from Fort High or All-Stars. Basically, if a piece of equipment alters the character’s stats, figure out the cost of those stat improvements. If it’s something that’s practically impossible for the character to be deprived of (like sub-dermal body armor), the player pays full price. If it’s basically a regular piece of equipment (like a smart gun), the cost is halved. For cyberpunk, I’d also put a 3/4 cost category for “somewhere in the middle”–the tech can be removed without grievous injury, but it’s still gonna hurt (for example, low-light eyeballs). For top-secret/illegal tech, the GM might want to add an additional cost.

Since I’m stealing terms from several different cyberpunk sources and making up a few of my own, I’ll give definitions of all the Jobs (along with a male and female WWPHITM?, just for the hell of it). I’ll also make notes on any other Words that I think need explanation.


  1. Blue Blood: A socialite with connections to the rich and powerful (Jude Law, Jennifer Morrison)
  2. Desk Jockey: A white collar working stiff (Jason Bateman, Rashida Jones)
  3. Wage Slave: A blue collar working stiff (Jim Beaver, Rosanne)
  4. Snitch: One who trades in street-level information (Steve Buscemi, Juliette Lewis)
  5. Rabble Rouser: A troublemaker who inspires others to action. Often a semi-famous local celebrity such as a musician or journalist (Robert Downey, Jr., Salma Hayek)
  6. Scrapper: A person who specializes in hand-to-hand combat, such as a pit fighter, martial artist, or wrestler (Danny Trejo, Lucy Lawless)
  7. Gearhead: A person who builds and drives cars for street racing and/or vehicular combat (think demolition derby with live rounds)(Jensen Ackles, Michelle Rodriguez)
  8. Grifter: A con artist (John Cusack, Rachel Weisz)
  9. Fixer: A person who knows how to get things (Harvey Keitel, Helena Bonham Carter)
  10. Street Samurai: A (usually heavily-cybered) professional mercenary skilled in all types of combat operations (Gerard Bulter, Carrie Anne Moss)
  11. Hacker: A computer expert who specializes in cracking security systems and retrieving valuable data (Seth Green, Zooey Deschanel)
  12. Ganger: A member of a street gang (Francis Capra, Rosario Dawson)
  13. Gunslinger: A professional mercenary who relies almost exclusively on victory through superior firepower (Clive Owen, Gina Torres)
  14. Prowler: A professional thief (Jet Li, Angelina Jolie)
  15. Street Doc: A medic, usually with at least rudimentary knowledge in repairing cyberware (Christopher Lloyd, Kathy Bates)
  16. Sherlock: A private investigator (Bruce Willis, Gena Davis)
  17. Headhunter: A bounty hunter or assassin (Jean Reno, Keira Knightley)
  18. Transporter: A courier, smuggler, or wheelman (Jason Statham, Queen Latifah)
  19. Wiseguy: A member of an organized crime syndicate (Steven Van Zandt, Lucy Liu)
  20. Freak: Depending on the setting, this could be a mutant, a person with extreme body modifications, or the subject of genetic experimentation (Mickey Rourke, Courtney Love)


  1. Medical Policy (Character has a contract with a company that provides cloned back-ups of damaged body parts. Depending on the tech level, they may be able to download the character’s consciousness into an entirely new body).
  2. Duct Tape & Chicken Wire
  3. Car Fu
  4. Informants
  5. Gun Fu
  6. High Tech Toys
  7. Not In The System (Should also take “Not In The System” Weakness)
  8. Friends In High Places
  9. Forgettable Face
  10. Friends In Low Places
  11. Reputation
  12. Bankroll
  13. Lackies
  14. Powerful Kung Fu
  15. Ladies’ Man/Seductress
  16. Hard Boiled
  17. Technomancer (Character has an almost superhuman knack for understanding, using, and designing computers and electronics).
  18. Backup Plan (Character has safe places to hide, stashes of money and equipment, and other failsafes in place in case he needs to go off the grid).
  19. Clean Identity (Character has ways of tricking the system into thinking he’s a completely uninteresting and completely fictional person).
  20. Genetic Enhancement (Details will depend on tech level. A low tech genetic enhancement might give the character combat reflexes or infrared vision. On the high end of the scale are things like Project Manticore).


  1. Distinctive Appearance
  2. Flashbacks
  3. War Wound
  4. Punching Bag
  5. Getting Too Old For This Shit
  6. Fashion Victim
  7. Debt
  8. Criminal Record
  9. Not In The System (Should Also Have “Not In the System” Gimmick)
  10. Hunted
  11. Paranoid
  12. Addiction
  13. Reputation
  14. Dames/Men
  15. Victim of the Past
  16. Anger Management Issues
  17. Glass Jaw
  18. Looks Like Trouble
  19. Cybernetic Rejection (The character’s body resists cybernetic enhancements).
  20. Genetic Impairment (As with Genetic Enhancements, the details depend on the setting).


  1. Dumpster
  2. Diving Stealth
  3. Brawling
  4. Firearms
  5. Black Market
  6. Intimidation
  7. First Aid
  8. Electronics
  9. Streetwise
  10. Fast Talk
  11. Heavy Weapons
  12. Driving
  13. Corpspeak
  14. Security
  15. Surveillance
  16. Urban Survival
  17. Computers
  18. Data Looting
  19. Breaking & Entering
  20. Gambling

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