Dumb Table: 20 Antagonists To Steal For Your Game

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It’s been a while since I did a dumb table, so that’s what I’m going to do this week. Swiping characters from history and folklore is a common trope in RPGs (I’m pretty sure that Rasputin was a vampire, a werewolf, AND a mage in the original World of Darkness), partly because it can save the GM a lot of time. You can use these characters in their traditional context, transport them to your game setting via time travel or magic or immortality, or file the serial numbers off and create new characters inspired by them. I’ll include Wikipedia links for each one if you need to do further research before plugging them into your game.

1. The Mad Gasser of Matoon

2. Stagger Lee

3. Spring-heeled Jack

4. Sawney Bean

5. Pan Twardowski

6. Morgan le Fay

7. The Bunny Man

8. The Pope Lick Monster

9. Black-Eyed Children

10. Hassan-i Sabbah

11. Mad King Ludwig

12. Lucky Luciano

13. J. Edgar Hoover

14. Mike Fink

15. Baron Samedi

16. Sack Man

17. Mock Duck

18. Black Jack Ketchum

19. Allan Pinkerton

20. Gilles de Rais

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