Zine Month 2024

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For the last several years, a number of Hex contributors have been participating in Zine Month and ZineQuest. In addition to QAGS supplements about fantasy taverns and magical Elvises, we’ve released supplements for Dungeon Crawl Classics, Old School Essentials, and Troika. This year is no exception and we’ve got three zines competing for your shekels on Kickstarter this month. Collect them all!

First up is Million-Colored Sun, a group effort written by me, Leighton Connor, and Josh Burnett. We have strong feelings about sword & sorcery gaming, but for years we were convinced that the world didn’t need another fantasy game. After several years of all three of us buying new fantasy games, we realized that was probably and incorrect assumption. Million-Colored Sun distills our collective experience as sword & sorcery fans, GMs, and players into a 100-ish page RPG for running rules-light pulp fantasy adventures using a slightly modified version of the QAGS system. In addition to our outstanding knowledge, the book features beautiful cover art by James West.

Million Colored Sun cover by James West


In addition to Million Colored Sun, I’m launching my own Kickstarter for Castaways & Conspiracies, a QAGS adventure that long-time fans might recognize as Project G, which we ran at dozens of conventions in the early 2000s. The basic premise is that it’s Gilligan’s Island, but all seven castaways are sabotaging attempts to escape because each one has a secret reason that they want to stay on the island. Thanks to all the convention games, this might just be the most heavily-playtested product Hex Games has ever released.

Castaways and Conspiracies Banner

Last but not least, Josh is releasing Fantastical Classes: Blobs vs. Blades under his JLHB Pyrotechnic label. Blobs vs. Blades is a collection of brand new character classes for old-style fantasy roleplaying adventure games. Specially designed for use with Old School Essentials, this book contains six exciting character classes that you didn’t even know you needed: Adept, Blob, Dancer, Fury, Ophidian, and Swordmage. Blobs vs Blades Banner

The Kickstarter campaigns for Million-Colored Sun and Blobs vs. Blades are live now. Castaways & Conspiracies will go live in the coming week (click the button on the pre-launch page to get a notification when that happens). These are just two week long campaigns, so lock your copies in before it’s too late.