Hex Games Celebrates Zine Month!

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For the last four years, Hex Games has enthusiastically participated in Zine Quest and Zine Month at Kickstarter. In 2020, Leighton produced Akashic Titan, a Dungeon Crawl Classics sourcebook of giant robots that fly through the cosmic void, and Steve created Tales from the Lusty Minotaur, a richly described tavern filled with colorful characters for use in any fantasy RPG. In 2021, Steve wrote Elvismancer, which describes Elvis impersonators’ secret magical tradition, and Leighton released Project 8Ball, a game of identity loss, paranoia, and weird conspiracy. Then in 2022, Leighton’s Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt fleshed out the Akashic Titan setting by detailing a subterranean land of sorcery and super-science.

The zines keep coming—this year Leighton has launched a Kickstarter for the multiversal setting Swann Castle, which is filled with characters, situations, and random tables and can be plugged into any RPG campaign, and Steve has launched a Kickstarter for his old school adventure The Blasphemous Temple of Yargolith, an Old-School Essentials module about exploring an ancient evil temple in the heart of the jungle.

To celebrate these past and present zines, we are having a ZINE SALE! All of our previous zines—Akashic Titan, Tales from the Lusty Minotaur, Elvismancer, Project 8Ball, and Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt—are on sale at DriveThuRPG for just FIVE BUCKS EACH!

What do we mean by “RPG zine”? Well, for Hex Games it means we do a regular RPG product, and then we squeeze it into a book that is slightly shorter and narrower than normal. We always get carried away, so our zines are jam-packed with content—and we pass the savings on to you!

This sale lasts from now until February 28th, so stock up on the Hex Games zine library! And if you want to check out the Hot New Thing, mosey over to Kickstarter and support Leighton and Steve’s latest projects!

Thanks, we appreciate you!

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