Hex Games Does Zine Quest 2

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Three of Hex Games’ most prolific creators have launched Kickstarter campaigns as part of the Zine Quest 2 event. Given that some of the earliest Hex products were released in zine format (even though we didn’t call them zines), it’s kind of to be expected. We’ve helpfully provided the basic info, end dates, and Kickstarter links below so you can make sure you don’t miss out.

Them’s Monsters by Joshua LH Burnett

Kickstarter Ends February 25

Q: What are those?

A: Them’s monsters!

In 2018, I put together a manga-sized zine called Them’s Monsters! that I passed out to people I met at Gencon (it’s better than a business card!). The zine was a collection of various monsters for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. I’ve never officially published Them’s Monsters!, and that original print-run of 50 was all the world has even seen of it.

But now Zinequest 2 gives me the opportunity and excuse to share Them’s Monsters! with the wider world! The Zinequest version of Them’s Monsters! includes the original 10 monsters, several new ones, as well as new and improved art.

Akashic Titan by Leighton Connor

Kickstarter Ends February 26

“Ellie O’Clock sits in her pilot’s chair and gazes through the heavy glass, watching the aether of the Ulfire Band fizz and pop. Suddenly a nearby patch of void squirms, twists, and rips open, vomiting forth an obscene tentacled horror. A Stellar Squid! Ellie has no time to think–she grabs a lever, twists, and pulls. Instantaneously the metal behemoth she pilots reacts, swinging a giant metal fist at the Squid . . .  

The Akashic Titan zine serves as an introduction to the akashic titans, giant metal constructs powered by magic that soar across the endless void, traveling from world to world. In addition to giving an overview of the akashic titans, the zine provides a port city setting, Starnheim, that Judges can work into their Dungeon Crawl Classics games.”

Tales from the Lusty Minotaur by Steve Johnson

Kickstarter ends March 3

“Ever since a band of hobbits teamed up with a grungy weirdo in the Prancing Pony, taverns have been a staple of fantasy fiction. The Silver Eel, The Vulgar Unicorn, The Inn of the Last Home, and countless other fine establishments give our favorite fantasy heroes a place to meet like-minded companions, get adventure leads from that old guy with the eye patch, and enjoy a warm meal and a cold brew in between dungeons. Tales from the Lusty Minotaur continues this proud tradition.”