The Red Witch of Chapel d’Angoisse

Million Colored Sun cover by James West

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Every year World Anvil does “Adventure April,” where you write an adventure. I was kinda sorta thinking about maybe doing something for Million Colored Sun (coming soon!) this year, but it was a still a “might be fun” sort of thing. Today I saw this post about something called the Gygax 75 Challenge, and how Adventure April could be part of that. The Gygax 75 Challenge is based on an article called “How to Set Up Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign – and Be Stuck Refereeing It Seven Days per Week until the Wee Hours of the Morning! ” that Gary Gygax wrote for a wargaming zine called Europa in 1975. A better (or at least shorter) title might be “How to write your own version of The Keep on the Borderlands.”

That got my attention, so built a new World Anvil page and started working on my adventure, The Red Witch of Chapel d’Angoisse.

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