Worldbuilding Summer Camp at World Anvil

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World Anvil’s World Building Summer Camp event ends next week. Since I didn’t start it until a couple weeks into July, I knew I wouldn’t have time to write entries for all the prompts, but I thought maybe I would be able to do 10 (which would get me a badge for my WA profile). Unfortunately, I keep going way over the 300 word minimum on these, so so far I’ve only got 3. Since I have to work next Saturday (the final day to submit entries), I don’t know if I can get to 10, but I’m going to see how many I can write. I’ll update this post as I add new ones (and will also share them on social media).

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Why stop at 10?

  • ¬†Describe a common old wives’ tale or conspiracy theory from a region of your world. Does it hold any truth? The Curse of the Lusty Minotaur (The question about whether it holds any truth isn’t answered here, but you can find it in the zine).
  • Write about a material that is considered sacred or culturally crucial in your world: Coffee in Khezvaros.
  • Describe an important religious leader in your world. How has their character changed the status quo? The Eternal Empress.
  • Write about a building that has been reused and repurposed from its original design. Port Authority & Customs House.

Since there’s just 11 minutes to go before the deadline, looks like I’m stopping at 14 entries.