Tolva’s Veil

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So I included some throwaway (and mostly completely made-up-on-the-spot) references to the City of 10,000 Daggers (mostly its history) in the Dumb Tables at the end of Tales from the Lusty Minotaur, some of which I do plan to write up details about at some point. ¬†Conveniently enough, World Anvil is doing writing prompts every day this month as part of its WorldBuilding Summer Camp Event. Since it’s already the 13th and this is my first entry, I’m not going to worry too much about completing all the prompts, but I am going to try to write up whichever ones kick my brain into gear. This page links all the challenge prompts I’ve complete. This first attempt regards the possibly-magical veil of Tolva, the legendary Queen of Thieves (who I’m confident you’ll be hearing more about as the world continues to grow). Enjoy!

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