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Sorry that I’ve sucked about posting lately. It’s been what we’ll call a “rebuilding” few months. I do have some news, but first the most important action item: Josh and Leighton have begun the Kickstarter for the Dungeon Crawl Classics edition of Leopard Women of Venus! The new version will feature art by Josh and Leighton as well as Hex favorites like Lindsay Hornsby, Juan Navarro, and M-Force photographer Matt Kish (doing illustration this time), along with several artists we haven’t worked with before: Bradley K. McDevitt, ¬†Evlyn Moreau, Diogo Nogueira, James V. West, and and EROL FUCKING OTUS! You should go back it now. I’ll wait.

At Archon, Leighton and I had a long discussion about Hex Games and decided we needed to make some changes. Most of the decisions fall into the same category as putting the Death Cookie blog on hiatus: stuff we’re doing more out of habit than because it actually needs to be done. Other than a new Hex website (without an online store, which is a huge hassle for very little reward), you probably won’t see a lot of changes, other than that hopefully (like putting the blog on hold) it will give me more time to work on projects.

Speaking of projects, my focus since Archon has been on Champions of Shymeria, the three-game series that starts out like He-Man in the first game and gets darker and more metal as the series progresses. Since my last post, I’ve managed to lay in the basic terrain for the map and have started trying to figure out how to do rivers. The latest version looks like this:

I spent most of last week looking for options for working on Shymeria with Jeffrey Johnson and Leighton. We normally use Google Docs, but when you’re working on something with a lot of world stuff (like monsters and spells and factions), the document can get unwieldy and hard to navigate. Also, Jeffrey wants to do a website with lots of game lore, so I was hoping to find something where we could start generating content for that while also keeping the rulebook manuscript manageable. After checking into a lot of options (and starting accounts for several sites that I’ll no doubt periodically get spam from forever now), I found It seemed like exactly what we were looking for. After playing around with it for a few days, I even paid for membership (the sale they were having helped) so we’d have access to more options.

The Shymeria page on World Anvil is private for the moment, but will go public eventually. However, I’ve also set up a page for City of 10,000 Daggers, where I’m working on adding all the stuff I’ve posted here for the setting. Since the page is open to the general public, I’ll leave new content in draft mode for a while and post it here so patrons get the first look. In addition to expanding the world, I’ll probably start ¬†working on actual rules in the near future.

One last thing: You can now follow me on Amazon at I’m not planning to post there or anything, but you’ll get notifications when I put a new book up (and whenever they guy who wrote Mountain Biking in the Twin Cities puts a new book up, apparently).

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