Random Holiday Adventure Seeds Table

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It’s a holiday weekend and I’ve still got 7000 or so words to write by Monday, so here’s a dumb table for your super-hero game.

  1. The characters are forced to attend an awkward holiday gathering with a PC’s family.
  2. The PCs have to plan the super-hero team’s annual Christmas party (knowing that it will be attacked by super villains).
  3. Someone hijacked the shipment of toy and coat donations on its way to the orphanage. Can the PC’s save Christmas?
  4. A super-villain uses subliminal mind-control technology to turn Black Friday shoppers into mindless zombies. Will the heroes even notice?
  5. Santa comes down with a bad case of the flu and recruits the heroes to deliver toys to all the children in the world.
  6. Super-villain of the week: Krampus.
  7. A cosmic being shows a super-hero who is thinking about retiring what life would be like without him or her.
  8. A winter-themed villain attacks the city.
  9. The heroes have to go undercover as mall Santas to bust up a crime ring.
  10. A snowman comes to life and goes on a crime spree.
  11. A snowman comes to life and becomes a super-hero. Can the PCs find a way for him to survive when winter ends?
  12. A Riddler type super-villain has left poisoned milk and cookies for Santa at a house somewhere in the world. The PCs have to solve his puzzle and save St. Nick.
  13. Someone claiming to Santa Claus arrives in the city and embarks on a super-hero career. Is he legit?
  14. Someone claiming to be Jesus arrives in the city and embarks on a super-hero career. Is he legit?
  15. A hero thought long-dead shows up with a dire warning. Shortly thereafter, the PCs are visited by three otherworldly beings who guide the heroes as they fight the same villain in the past, present, and future.
  16. Santa goes missing just a few days before Christmas, and it looks like he may have been kidnapped by a super-villain. Can the PCs save him?
  17. A group of super-villains take hostages in a high-rise during a company Christmas party. They act like terrorist and make a lot of demands, but they’re really trying to steal something from the vault.
  18. There’s a hot new toy this Christmas in so much demand that people are resorting to violence and murder to get one for their kids. Is something sinister going on, or are people just awful?
  19. A prominent super-hero couple has their first child, causing a sudden outbreak of cult activity, religious tension, and predictable Jesus imagery.
  20. When a friend of the team who owns a store suddenly loses most of his employees, the heroes agree to help out and are forced to face their most daunting enemy yet: Black Friday shoppers.

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