Random Bad Guy Obsessions

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There’s a school of thought in certain books, comics, movies, and RPGs that giving a character one random obsession makes them well-rounded. While this is not remotely true, it’s at least a step in the right direction, and can sometimes even lead to something approaching three-dimensionality. Here’s  a random table to get you started on designing villains that don’t suck quite so much.

  1. One of the PCs
  2. An animal (Mr. Fluffy)
  3. A religion (Christianity)
  4. A culture(Irish Heritage)
  5. A famous person (Cher)
  6. A historical person (Alexander the Great)
  7. A craft (woodworking)
  8. A hobby (gardening)
  9. Proper etiquette
  10. Personal hygeine
  11. Works of art (Van Gogh)
  12. A type of food (pizza)
  13. Puzzles or riddles (jigsaw puzzles)
  14. A sport (soccer)
  15. Fringe technology (trying to build a weather control machine)
  16. A fringe belief (UFOs are real)
  17. A mythological creature (dragons)
  18. A philosophy or belief system (Objectivism)
  19. An ancient society (Sparta)
  20. A conspiracy theory (911 was an inside job)

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