Prop, Set, Character: Action Movies

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The “Prop, Set, Character” idea is for GMs who are having trouble coming up with their next adventure. Just roll one of each and build a story around what you get. The three story elements can be connected or can be completely unrelated. You can also use these tables during the game if you need to come up with a prop, set, or character on the fly. For the first installment, I’m going with action movies.



  1. An ice cream truck
  2. A helicopter
  3. An armored car
  4. A surface-to-air missile
  5. A cell phone
  6. A jet ski
  7. A code, password, or piece of software
  8. A briefcase full of cocaine
  9. A briefcase full of cash
  10. A big bag of guns
  11. A souped-up muscle car
  12. A dead body
  13. Stolen diamonds
  14. A threatening message
  15. A sniper rifle
  16. A bulldozer
  17. A priceless work of art
  18. Incriminating evidence
  19. A private jet
  20. A bomb


  1. An abandoned amusement park
  2. A subway tunnel
  3. An airport runway
  4. A railyard
  5. A prison
  6. A government building
  7. A factory
  8. A shopping mall
  9. A seedy bar/strip club
  10. A rooftop
  11. A parking garage
  12. A warehouse
  13. A fire escape/ledge
  14. A construction site
  15. A school
  16. A bank vault
  17. An underground casino
  18. A penthouse apartment
  19. A crowded concert hall or sports arena
  20. A spooky old mansion


  1. A clown
  2. A shady small-time businessman (slumlord, pawnbroker, etc).
  3. A crime boss
  4. A dirty cop
  5. A small-time crook
  6. A religious person (preacher, nun, monk, etc.)
  7. A powerful politician
  8. A sleazy sales rep
  9. A stoner/junkie
  10. A little old lady
  11. An law enforcement officer or government agent
  12. A troubled teenager
  13. An adorable child
  14. An angry customer
  15. A stripper/prostitute (heart of gold optional)
  16. A scientist
  17. A successful businessman
  18. A recently released ex-con
  19. A suspected terrorist
  20. A mob hitman

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