Local Events

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These events can be used purely for background/flavor, as set-up for a larger plot, or–especially if your characters are from the “homeless drifter” school of adventuring–as on-the-fly scenarios when the PCs enter a new town.

  1. Carnies: The circus or carnival comes to town. What could possibly go wrong?
  2. Save The Clock Tower: A group is working to save a local landmark. Possibly from run-of-the-mill developers, possibly from people with more nefarious plans. Almost certainly from smooth-talking out-of-towners.
  3. Extortion: A criminal gang has moved into town/the neighborhood and is demanding protection money. Those who fail to pay become very accident-prone.
  4. Scandal: A prominent townsperson is caught or suspected of doing something illegal or immoral.
  5. Crime Wave: Criminal activity is on the rise.
  6. Election: Politicians seeking election or re-election infest public spaces and airwaves.
  7. Grand Opening: A new factor, business, theme park, or whatever opens up.
  8. Drugs Are Bad, Mmmkay?: The area experiences a rise in drug use and drug-related crime. Traditionally, this kind of thing is caused by a new synthetic drug that’s highly addictive and especially appealing to teenagers.
  9. The Social Event of the Season: The townspeople are preparing for an important wedding, festival, barn dance, whatever. Since everyone’s focused on the event, this would be a good time for criminals, shady politicians, and other bad guys to hatch evil schemes.
  10. Missing Person: Someone, possibly an adorable child, has mysteriously disappeared or been kidnapped.
  11. Murder: Someone’s been killed and the town is awash in rumors and speculation about what happened.
  12. Political Activity: Rival political factions square off over an important issue or political activists petition for the local government to take some action.
  13. Revival: There’s an increase in religious activity. Maybe a tent revival comes to town or there have been reports of miraculous activity (religious visions, Jesus on a piece of toast, etc.).
  14. Strangers Among Us: Newcomers who are noticeably different from typical citizen move into town and the locals have to decide how to deal with their “strange ways.”
  15. Gang War: Two criminal factions struggle for power. There will almost certainly be collateral damage.
  16. Natural Disaster: The area suffers a flood, tornado, or other disaster.
  17. Mass Panic: The locals are afraid of something. This could be a legitimate fear or the result of an urban legend or hoax that’s gotten out of control. In either case, expect spam in your inbox and alarmist stories in the local news.
  18. Serial Killer: There’s been a series of unsolved and probably related murders. Everybody’s a little edgy about that.
  19. Vigilante Justice: Someone has started taking the law into their own hands. This can be a lone masked crimefighter or a group of vigilantes.
  20. Paranormal Activity: Everybody’s talking about the latest haunting, UFO activity, bigfoot sightings, etc.

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