Annoying Characters

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Ok, this is actually more a checklist of typical character types that make me hate gamers, but to make it fit the table format, the GM could roll randomly during character creation and spot-check characters to make sure they don’t suck.

  1. Any super-hero whose power involves bodily fluids
  2. A mad bomber
  3. A character with an incoherent collection of seemingly random traits/abilities
  4. Any character entirely based on a jokey name/schtick
  5. The same character in every game
  6. A character with no sympathetic traits
  7. Any character you can’t describe without referencing stats or equipment
  8. A character whose most interesting story arc has already happened
  9. A gritty loner who doesn’t work well with others
  10. A character the rest of the party has absolutely no reason to trust/work with other than the fact he’s a PC.
  11. Like, a totally hot ninja chick with huge tits
  12. A character with more weapons than friends
  13. A character belonging to a race with a hive mind
  14. A character with no discernible personality
  15. A character with a weakness guaranteed to constantly sidetrack the game
  16. Another goddamn elf
  17. A character with unexplained and completely out-of-place combat abilities/supernatural knowledge/magical powers
  18. A character who talks like Scooby Doo for no apparent reason
  19. A character who doesn’t fit the game
  20. A Good Drow who fights with two scimitars


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