The Tower/Mad Ndolya

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I got a few more pieces of art work in recently, both of which are related to the Fate’s Hand card game, rules for which are included in the book. First off, Leighton Connor, who also drew the minotaur for the banner/cover, sent me his interpretation of one of the Fate’s Hand cards, The Tower. The design is inspired by the tower that gave the City of 10,000 Daggers (the Lusty Minotaur’s native setting) its name, which you can read about here.

The next piece of artwork, by Josh Burnett, features the Fate’s Hand dealer, Mad Ndolya, who is described and statted below the pic.


Mad Ndolya

Mad Ndolya is a witch who lives in a garishly-decorated box wagon that moves frequently between various locations around town in spite of the fact that Ndolya does not seem to own a single draft horse, mule, ox, or even goat. Ndolya is a Fatespinner, one of the mysterious coven of spellcasters who specialize in the manipulation of destiny. While Ndolya certainly has the ability to “see the future” like a common fortune teller, it is not a service she offers except in very unusual circumstances. Instead, her primary vocation is the buying and selling of destiny. Ndolya’s relationship with the Lusty Minotaur is in her role as the dealer for a supernatural card game called Fate’s Hand, games of which occur at seemingly random intervals in response to signs and omens that only Mad Ndolya can see.

Ndolya is a thin woman in her late twenties with unruly black hair. She wears mismatched and often ragged clothes accentuated by gaudy costume jewelry. As evidenced by her name, Ndolya appears to be quite insane. Her moods can change suddenly and dramatically, she frequently speaks in complete nonsense, and she sometimes appears to be intently watching events that nobody else can see.

  • Body: 12
  • Brain: 12
  • Nerve: 16
  • Job: Fatespinner (13)
  • Gimmick: Weird Luck (13)
  • Weakness: Weird Luck (13)
  • Skills: Uselessly Specific Predictions +3; Card Tricks +2; Good Dancer +1
  • Dumb Fact: Collects pornographic skrimshaw
  • Tag Line: “Now I don’t want to scare you, but as it stands the best way to describe your destiny is ‘Yikes!’”
  • WWPHITM? Summer Bishil

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