Local Events

These events can be used purely for background/flavor, as set-up for a larger plot, or–especially if your characters are from the “homeless drifter” school of adventuring–as on-the-fly scenarios when the PCs enter a new town. Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Email

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The League of Awesome Dudes

The Hex crew used to regularly run a game called “The League of Awesome Dudes” (actually, it was originally “The League of Kick-Ass Dudes,” but we decided “Awesome” was more appropriate to the setting). The basic premise was “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but with 80s heroes.” Since it’s not really something we can publish,…

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Book of Dumb Tables 2 Cover Illustration by Joshua LH Burnett

What If…?

  Even casual comic fans are probably familiar with the “What If…?” format: change something and see what else changes because of it. Kind of like a lot of RPGs (“it’s like our world except…”). These tables give you some “What If…?” scenarios that you can use as a starting point for a modern-day game…

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