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I’m getting very close to finishing the City of 10,000 Daggers map. Since the last post, I’ve added some green and trees, changed the contour lines into terrain effects with some creative beveling, cleaned up the brush-painted buildings, and added effects to the named buildings. I’m tempted to add effects to the noble villas in the imperial district because they look weird with just a footprint, but right now I’ve only highlighted the points of interest, so I decided to hold off. When I start creating Imperials and need to know where they live, I’ll add effects to the weird-looking ones first. Now I just need to add labels. Notes and thoughts:

  • You’d think fantasy cartography packs would come with an arena as one of the buildings, but they don’t. It was kind of tricky to make work, but I think it turned out fine.
  • I decided the area up around Dragon Skull Hill (or whatever I called it) was tribal lands of the horse lords. There’s a ford of the river somewhere right there so it’s been their traditional camping ground when they come to the city. That’s why it’s still fields and woods.
  • The horse lord tent city and the market areas are not to scale because I couldn’t make the elements that small without losing what they were completely. The market took way too long even at bigger-than-scale size. (The dragon skull is also a bit bigger than it should be, for the same reason).
  • The blue-green color on some of the domes is the color of Kyra the Eternal Empress (Goddess of Earth and Sky). The Imperial and Governor’s palaces include those domes as a sign of loyalty. The other buildings with a blue-green dome are temples.
  • Red domes mark Imperial buildings: Palaces, administration buildings, etc.
  • I hit 10,000 words for WorldEmber2019, but a bug in the system caused my last article to show up as being posted on 01/01. I’m still waiting for a response from World Anvil tech support. You can read all the words that go with the picture above at World Anvil.

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