Shark Week: Sharkcano

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As many of you already know, today is the official start of Shark Week (though if you’re like me you started early with the Rifftrax Live presentation of Sharknado 2 last Thursday).

As many of you also know, I wrote a shark-themed supplement called Sharktoberfest a few years ago. To celebrate Shark Week, we’re offering the print version of Sharktoberfest for just $10 at Drivethru. In order to get the deal, you’ve got to use this link. The sale lasts until the premiere Sharknado 3 ends on July 22.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Sharktoberfest is one of our “plug and play adventures,” like Roller Girls Vs. and IMP, where we provide a basic set-up for an adventure and then several variant story ideas that you can plug into the formula. For Roller Girls Vs. and Fratboys Vs., it’s things for the Roller Girls or Fratboys to fight. For IMP, it’s different things for those wacky aliens to try to invade. For Sharktoberfest, it’s what we called Sharkbominations: basically different mash-ups that include the word “shark.” Some of them, like Sharks on a Plane, were included because they were so dumb they made me giggle. Others, like Sharkmageddon and the Unishark, were included because our artists, James and Lindsay Hornsby, wanted to draw them. One of them, Sharkcano, was mostly included as a clear homage to Sharknado, just in case anybody still hadn’t figured out the inspiration for the game. (You can read more about the making of Sharktoberfest here).

Here’s the basic description of the Sharkcano plug-in:

“Mount Haleakala on the island of Mauihasn’t erupted in over 200 years, maybe longer, and it’s a good thing, too. Unknown to both the locals and scientists, several species of sharks have taken up residence in the warm subterranean tunnels beneath the mountain. If the volcano were to erupt (which it will), it’s likely that the movement would break down the walls of these tunnels, expelling thousands of sharks out of the volcano along with the lava, rock, and other normal volcanic discharge.”

According to a video that’s gone semi-viral this week (at least in the feeds of those of us who are obsessed with dumb shark movies), it’s not quite as unrealistic as it sounds. Sure, the scientist say that an eruption would kill the sharks rather than spewing them unharmed (but possibly on fire) from the volcano, but science has no sense of drama. Here’s the video:

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