RPGaDay2015, Part 5 (22-23)

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Continuing with #RPGaDay2015…

22. Favorite Gaming Environment

Since the games I play usually don’t have a lot of moving parts, I’m not really picky about where I play. As long as there’s a place to sit and roll some dice, I’m good. My least favorite place to play games is a crowded convention center room with twenty or thirty tables. A few years ago GenCon put all of our games in a room in the convention center and it was just too loud most of the time to hear the other players. I was glad when they moved us back to our own (mostly) room in one of the hotels the following year. Those still get loud if we have multiple games going on (since QAGS games tend to get loud in general), but at least we’re (mostly) only annoying one another and have no problem yelling at each other to keep it down. Archon and DieCon curtain off each table individually, which gives a little more privacy. I wouldn’t like it at a con where we’re trying to show how fun our games are, but at a con where most people already know us it’s kind of nice.

23. Perfect Game For You

It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. My favorite games are the all-too-rare ones that happen when we’re able to get all the Hex crew together to play something.

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