Monster of the Week: The Ungnuzi

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Also Known As: NA

Description: Ungnuzi are hideous humanoid creatures with tiny spikes all over their bodies. They stand between 3 and 4 feet tall and have slimy, sickly green skin. They do not have visible eyes, ears, or other sensory organs. Except for the small (1”-2”) spikes that cover their entire bodies, their heads are completely featureless. They have long, spindly arms and legs.

BMA Classification: Ungnuzi are classified as monsters by the Bureau of Monster Affairs.

Powers: An Ungnuzi’s spikes drip a highly paralytic poison. It’s usual manner of attack is to grapple its victim so that the poison enters the opponent’s blood stream through dozens of tiny puncture wounds.

Vulnerabilities: Ungnuzi have no particular vulnerabilities, but are relatively weak and easy to kill as long as their poisonous spikes are avoided.

Biology and Habitat: Since there is only one encounter with these creatures on record, very little is known about them. In the one known case, a group of around a dozen ungnuzi paralyzed five humans and then implanted eggs into the victims’ bodies by means of retractable appendage in the monster’s chest shoved down the victim’s throat. After an incubation period of about a week, up to half a dozen young ungnuzi ripped their way out of the host’s abdomen, killing them in all but one victim.

Sightings: The single ungnuzi sighting on record took place in Dover, Delaware in 1983 and was documented by the M-Force office there.

Additional Information: The Dover M-Force team named the creature, apparently after the horrified grunting noise that a team member made when one of the monsters attacked him.

Body: 8
Brain: 10
Nerve: 12
Job: Parasite (14)
Gimmick: Poison (15)–Whenever a character takes damage from an ungnuzi, make a Gimmick roll resisted by the victim’s body roll. If the victim loses, he is completely paralyzed (though still fully conscious) for a number of rounds equal to the difference of the rolls.
Weakness: None
Skills: None
Armor Rating: 0
Damage Bonus: +4
HP: 8
Yum Yums: 0

Additional Information: It takes an ungnuzi one round to force its egg-laying appendage down a paralyzed throat, after which it can lay 1 egg per round up to a maximum of 6 eggs. A successful attack forces the creature to disengage from the victim. Once eggs have been laid, they will hatch in 1d20/2 days unless surgically removed. When the eggs hatch, the young ungnuzi burst from the victim’s stomach causing d20/4 points of damage per egg. All Numbers for young ungnuzi are halved.

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