Monster of the Week: The Minotaur

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Also Known As: Bull of Minos, Infamia di Creti

Description: Minotaurs are large, muscular humanoid creatures with cloven hooves and bull-like heads complete with large horns. Their tough, leathery skin is typically black, red, or brown, but other colors have been reported.

BMA Classification: Minotaurs are classified as monsters by the BMA.


Powers: Minotaurs have no special powers, but are incredibly powerful and hard to kill.

Vulnerabilities: Minotaurs can be damaged with conventional weapons, but will eventually recover unless beheaded.

Biology and Habitat: Minotaurs are demonic creatures from another reality who are sometimes summoned by sorcerers to act as guardians. They apparently have the ability to place themselves into a kind of stasis until their extremely keen senses detect an intrusion, at which point they spring to life and attack anyone not accompanied by the summoner. According to mythology and references in occult literature, minotaurs require regular human sacrifices in order to remain in our reality. Studies of the single captures specimen (nicknamed “Theseus” by Triangle Center staff) backs up this claim. The creature refused all offers of food and eventually wasted away, leaving behind a mummy-like corpse. Minotaurs exhibit some intelligence and can use simple tools (and weapons–axes seem to be favored), but do not speak or otherwise meaningfully communicate with humans. Most researchers who studied Theseus believe that the creature’s intelligence is similar to or slightly below that of most primates.

Sightings: Only two modern minotaur encounters have been documented.

  • In 1969, M-Force was called in when police officers investigating a string of disappearances encountered a minotaur in an abandoned coal mine near Inez, Kentucky. Apparently a crazed preacher had summoned the creature as a way to punish perceived “sinners.”
  • In 1994, five agents of the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Firearms were killed by three minotaurs guarding a warehouse owned by a suspected arms dealer in Florida. M-Force was called in to deal with the monsters and were able to capture one creature alive. The minotaur was transported to the Triangle Research Center, where it later died.

Additional Information: Minotaur horns are said to have numerous magical properties and are highly sought-after in some occult circles.

Body: 18
Brain:  7
Nerve: 16
Job: Guardian (14)
Gimmick: Unerring Direction Sense (15) — A minotaur faced with a decision about which way to go in order to get to a known location may make a Gimmick roll to chose the correct path.
Weakness: Requires Sacrifice (15) — Minotaurs must feast on a human (which they consume completely) at least once every 3 months. If the minotaur is not fed, it must make a Weakness roll each week. If the Weakness takes effect, the minotaur loses 1 point of Body. For every 3 points of Body that the minotaur loses, it suffers a -1 penalty to all rolls. When its body reaches zero, it dies.
Skills: Keen Senses +3; Tracking +2
Armor Rating: 4
Damage Bonus: Minotaurs usually carry a large, double-bladed axe with a +4 Damage Bonus. They can also attack with their horns, which have a +2 Damage Bonus: +4 if they have at least 10 feet of open space in which to charge the opponent.
HP: 50
Yum Yums: 1

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