Fratboy of the Week: The Big Man On Campus

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The big man on campus (BMOC) is a student who is known and liked (or at least envied) by just about everyone on campus, including members of the faculty and staff. The BMOC’s popularity may be due to his athletic skill, good looks, or his position in an important organization or clique. Some BMOC’s even attain their status by being decent human beings who people naturally like. Major Pre-law or Business, except for jock BMOC’s who will major in P.E. Extracurricular Activities Most BMOCs have fairly wide social circles and are involved in lots of activities. In addition to sports and frat activities, the BMOC will likely be involved in student government, numerous clubs, and possibly even politics. He will also have a very full schedule of parties, shows, and other non-sanctioned events to attend. The Numbers Even if he’s a douchebag, the BMOC is good at interacting with people and will therefore have a good Nerve Number. He will also have at least average Body and Brain scores, though which is higher depends on how the character became a BMOC. Suggested Jobs: All-American Guy, Blue Blood, Frat President, Greek Council Chair, Quarterback, Sixth Year Senior, Social Butterfly, Star Athlete, Student Body President Suggested Gimmicks: Campus Legend, Dean Owes Me A Favor, Everybody’s Buddy, Friends in High Places, Handsome Man, Host With The Most, Kind of a Big Deal, Knows a Guy, Ladies’ Man, Life of the Party, Minions, Wealthy Suggested Weaknesses: Administration Enemies, Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me, Narcissism, Overconfident, Sex Addict, Sycophantic Hangers-On, Under Pressure Suggested Skills: Athletics, Campus Lore, Current Events, Doesn’t Need A Reservation, Etiquette, Fast Talking, Golf, Good with Names, History, Hooking Up, Pillow Talk, Snappy Dresser, Sports Trivia, Student Government WWPHITM? Ben Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Nick Cannon, Rodney Dangerfield, Johnny Depp, Jason Dohring, Chris Evans, The Fat Kid From Stand By Me, Brendan Fraser, Ryan Hansen, Neil Patrick Harris, Ashton Kutcher, Heath Ledger, Jason Lee, Ted McGinley, Eric Christian Olsen, Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Sean William Scott, James Van Der Beek, Vince Vaughn, Tom Welling, Anton Yelchin Frat Nickname: His actual name. Prized Possession: His little black book. Transportation: Something expensive, fast, and European. (Note: this also describes his ideal date.) Sample Character Vance “Van”  Wilder V Body: 13 Brain: 13 Nerve: 16 Job: Gentleman of Leisure (15) Gimmick: Host With The Most (15) Weakness: Dames (15) Skills: Party Planner +3; Practical Jokes +2; Charity Work +1 WWPHITM? Ryan Reynolds Dumb Fact: Has his own personal assistant. Tag Line: “We’ll be accepting donations in the form of cash, visa, and full frontal nudity.” HP: 13 YY: 5

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