Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is the co-founder of Hex Games and co-creator of QAGS (the Quick Ass Game System). He has written, co-written, or otherwise contributed to numerous RPG supplements, including Spooky: The Definitive Guide to Horror Gaming, Sharktoberfest, and the ENnie Award-winning Hobomancer. He also writes non-gaming books, makes maps, and does digital art using Daz 3D Studio, AI, and other tools for people who can't draw. You can find links at

The Mad Scientist

When most people hear the phrase “mad scientist,” they think of villains like Frankenstein, Lex Luthor, and other depraved madmen who want to show them, SHOW THEM ALL! While it is true that most mad scientists are in fact dangerously maladjusted sociopaths, it must be remembered that “mad” can mean “eccentric and unorthodox” as well…

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