Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is the co-founder of Hex Games and co-creator of QAGS (the Quick Ass Game System). He has written, co-written, or otherwise contributed to numerous RPG supplements, including Spooky: The Definitive Guide to Horror Gaming, Sharktoberfest, and the ENnie Award-winning Hobomancer. He also writes non-gaming books, makes maps, and does digital art using Daz 3D Studio, AI, and other tools for people who can't draw. You can find links at

The Monster Hunter

The monster hunter’s role in fiction is pretty self-explanatory: He fights monsters. Some people fight supernatural baddies because it’s their destiny, some because it’s their job, and some because they just keep running into to the damned things. It should be noted that we’re using the term “monster hunter” in its purest sense, meaning people…

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The Guardian

The guardian is a character who is responsible for protecting a particular person, place, or object. Some guardians are destined or chosen for their position, while others are hired or even self-appointed. Regardless of how they got the job, the main thing that separates a guardian from simple hired muscle is the seriousness with which…

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New Rule: Flaws

Characters in fiction often have disadvantageous quirks and foibles that, while annoying, aren’t really Weaknesses in QAGS terms. Willow Rosenberg’s “frog fear” is a good example of this kind of thing, as is her pal Anya’s fear of bunnies. Such minor disadvantages are not really debilitating to be considered a Weakness, probably should have some…

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