The Devil Went Down To Georgia

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The following Actual Play is from Colin’s The Devil Went Down to Georgia — A Rock n Roll Occult Investigation game at Archon 34 (2010). Thanks to Woody at FAST Games for the write-up!

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

(As told by Jerry Lee Lewis)

My hands are still shaking as I write this; the stiff fifth of whiskey helps a little but the nerve-shattering events of last night still have me on edge.  I suppose I should start with that supernaturally stormy night; I had finished a concert earlier in the evening and found this sweet little honey waiting for me backstage.  Francesca had strawberry blonde hair and a body that said,”C’mon in an’ stay awhile.”  I followed her back to her hotel and enjoyed the benefits of being a Southern Rock Icon.  In our lust, we barely noticed the raging tempest outside; she found out that “Great Balls of Fire” wasn’t just the name of a song!  Francesca asked if all this was really happening.  “That’s right, baby; all Killer, no filler!”

About that time, I heard a pick-up stop outside and rev the engine.  I didn’t give it a second thought until my new best friend told me that must be her father.  “$#!+”, I growled, rolling out of bed to see what kind of trouble I’d stepped in now.  Through the window, I saw a tricked out half-ton with flame detailing and this mean lookin’ cat standing beside it.  With glowing red eyes, he said, “Francesca, do your daddy proud.”  I spun around and found the lovely creature had revealed her true form… a succubus!  Hot damn!  I dodged her attack and ran for the opposite window.  As I launched myself towards it, I activated my flame power and flew off.  The backlash blasted Francesca through the other window and she smashed into demon daddy’s fancy pick-up.  He cursed me as I made good my escape in the ominous storm; I headed straight to Memphis.

At Graceland, I met up with other supernatural investigators with E Foundation: Ronnie Van Zant, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Dolly Parton, and of course Johnny Cash.  Apparently, they had all had their run-ins with the supernatural earlier.  Ted hunted and killed Bigfoot; it came back to life as a zombie and he had to kill it again.  Ronnie saw omens in storm clouds while playing a benefit; his music kept the bad stuff at bay and cast the creatures out.  Kid was at a strip club with girls and a midget (I didn’t want to know the details of that!) and sensed trouble in Memphis.  Dolly was attacked by a demon that came through her TV; she chest-bumped it back where it came from.  Johnny was performing at Huntsville Prison when the inmates were possessed; he exorcised the demons from the prisoners with his katana.

Col. Parker escorted us to The King.  There was a lump in my throat when Elvis entered; the last time the members of the Million Dollar Quartet had been together was at the funeral of Carl Perkins.  He’d been ambushed by a pit fiend outside of Vegas; it took us two days to track it down and kill it.  We buried its head at the feet of our friend.  We all knew the risks we would have to take to protect humanity from the forces of darkness but it doesn’t make the loss of a friend any easier.

After showing us a map of Georgia and all the demonic activity on it, Elvis got down to business.  We were to make contact with our contact, Stagger Lee, in Atlanta.  We took the TCB Express jet there; at the Georgia line, we hit some turbulence and red lightning.  Ronnie played “Freebird” to give us an aura of protection and we landed safely.  We’re met by frogs falling from the sky; Ted shot 15 frogs with his arrows (I lit the arrowheads; cool effect).  Soon, Stagger Lee arrived; 6 foot-9 inches of badass stared down on us.  Wearing a black hat on his head and a big Bowie knife at his waist, Lee told us to go to Crossroads to summon the ghost of Robert Johnson (he had sold his soul to get the Blues at the Crossroads).

We saw a lot of weird stuff along the way.  At midnight, Lee performed the ritual and a golden light appeared.  In it was an elderly black man (Johnson) who told us to “Follow the Star” to find Old Scratch.  I gave the old-timer a drink from my hip flask, Dolly gave him a kiss then he faded away.  The Star headed north.  Before we could follow, Stagger Lee turned on us, armed with his Bowie.  He told us to go back to Memphis; we refused.  Johnny told Lee, “If you don’t have a place at my table, you’re on the menu!”

Dolly disarmed him but he stabbed Kid with a broken beer bottle.  The Kid was tough, though; it didn’t seem to bother him.  I blinded Lee with my flame.  About that time, Ronnie and I remembered Lee’s power was in his hat.  Ronnie stunned Lee while I shot his hat of; it burst into flames.  Stagger Lee aged before our eyes and vowed to return; he faded away.  Ted took his Bowie.

We then followed the comet for a long while.  I was first to hear beautiful voices, later others heard it.  The comet circled the river and stopped there.  Three women were chanting a channeling spell.  They were Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus.  We knew they were up to no good so we countered their spell.  I charmed Taylor (the young ones are always the easiest) and she told me that they sold their souls for fame and fortune and the Devil was after “the Chosen One”.  They were trying to keep us from following the golden comet.  Carrie attacked us with her sonic scream; Ted knocked Miley out cold.  I won Taylor over to our side with my infamous “Kiss o’ Flame” while Johnny countered Carrie’s blast with his own bass voice attack.  Ronnie broke Carrie’s will and Dolly comforted her.  We continued to follow the comet to the Guardian, who had a weapon to help us.

We eventually came to a clearing in the backwoods and found a scrawny guy floating in a rainbow… it was Ronnie James Dio!  Before we could help, a figure stepped out to oppose us.  It was Justin Bieber!  Ted scalped him; poor little bastard never had a chance.  Then Ted ate him! (Ugh!  It’ll take a lot of fiber to move that through!)  The rainbow prison weakened and I used my “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin” On” maneuver to shatter it.  Dio was freed and gave me a bandolier guitar strap to take to the Chosen One.  We continued after the comet and came to a sign that read “Welcome to Paradise, Population 400”.

We found a rustic cabin with a young black man strumming his guitar.  Jack Ruskin, the Chosen One, was the once-in-a-generation talent we had been seeking.  We introduced ourselves to him.  “Strap this on, son”, I said, and tossed him the bandolier.  He played “Freebird” better than Ronnie and we all joined in for an incredible jam session.  Damn, that was some good music!  Of course, it didn’t take the Devil long to mosey out of the shadows; he told us he always eliminates real talent and tonight he came to claim young Jack.  Old Scratch called KISS and other demons to attack but Dio and good spirits arrived to help us.  It was an epic melee!  Ted fought Peter, who had turned into a giant panther; Ronnie killed Ace.  I set Gene on fire then Kid head butted him unconscious.  Finally, Johnny split Paul’s guitar with his katana and we ganged up on him.

Undeterred, the Devil challenged Jack to a guitar battle; he bet a gold guitar against the boy’s soul.  I told ol’ Lucifer that he could do better than that, if he wasn’t a yella coward.  We’d put our souls in the kitty, too, so we could play back up for Jack.  If we won, the Devil could never come back!  He took the bet and went first.  The Devil was good, I’ll give him that, but once Jack took over, with our support, he blew everyone away!  After giving up the golden guitar, the Devil slinked off with his tail between his legs.  It’s not every day men can beat the Devil at his own game and live to tell the tale.  We really shook the pillars of Heaven that night.  Just as Elvis wanted, we took care of business, in a flash!


QAGS GM- Colin Thomas

Jerry Lee Lewis- Woody

Johnny Cash- Larry

Ronnie Van Zant- David

Kid Rock- Brian

Ted Nugent- Patrick

Dolly Parton- Ian

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