Monster of the Week: The Chud’beth

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Also Known As: None Known

Description: The chud’beth is a humanoid creature six to nine feet tall with short legs and long, stocky arms. Instead of hands, it has four twelve-inch claws a the end of each arm similar in appearance to a mole’s. The creature’s head is reminiscent of an armadillo, only with huge, faintly glowing, pupil-less eyes. Its mouth is small and full of jagged teeth. The chud’beth’s body is covered with a dense natural body armor which, like the face, is similar to that of an armadillo except for its bespeckled bluish coloration.

BMA Classification: Chud’beths are classified as monsters by the Bureau of Monster affairs.

Powers: In addition to its body armor and large claws, the chud’beth has a very keen sense of smell, which it can use to track warm-blooded creatures.

Vulnerabilities: Since the chud’beth’s armor makes it all but impervious to conventional weapons, the most effective way to kill the creature is through massive doses of poison. Chud’beths dislike bright lights and are esily confused by high-pitched sounds; while these won’t kill the creature, they can serve as useful distractions.

Biology and Habitat: Chud’beth live deep underground in a vast, ever-expanding network of catacombs. These catacombs are known to come close to the surface in Evansville, Louisiana, Bowling Green, Kentucky (via a connection with the Mammoth Cave system), and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Chud’beths are solitary creatures, only reproducing on the rare occasions when two chud’beths of opposite sexes encounter one another in the catacombs. After a pair mates, the female lays her egg and moves on, and the chud’beth hatches a year later.

A fully grown chud’beth spends most of its life digging to expand the network of catacombs. Every six years, a chud’beth enters into hibernation, curling up into a ball and sleeping for approximately eight months. Upon awakening, it sets out to find food. Thought the chud’beth normally sustains itself on other creatures living underground, they occasionally dig through to the surface to search for food. A chud’beth who has just awakened from hibernation has a voracious appetite, and the creatures have been known to eat head of livestock and/or humans before being sated.

Sightings: While creatures believed to be chud’beth exist in some Native American stories, the first recorded sighting was by early French settlers in Louisiana. The creatures are most often encountered in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Utah, but are occasionally seen elsewhere, especially in areas with large underground cave systems. Chud’beths first became widely-known in the mid-1990s when Universal Rasslin’ League champion The Masked M-Forcer wrestled two of the creatures as part of a pay-per-view event. Although both The Maked M-Forcer and Mr. Colin Thomas insist otherwise, most M-Force agents who have tangled with chud’beths assume that the two The Masked M-Forcer fought were either drugged or domesticated.

Additional Information: Chud’beth tunnels can be detected using seismic sensors. Audo sensors are effective for tracking the creatures themselves. The chud’beth is instantly recognizable by its two distinctive noises: a periodic high-pitched barking sound that it makes when agitated; and a quieter but continual low, rumbling, grinding sound emitted from somewhere inside the throat. It is from this latter sound that he creature’s name is derived.

Body: 15
Brain: 6
Nerve: 16
Job: Tunnel Digger (16)
Gimmick: None
Weakness: Light (14); High-Pitched Noises (12)
Skills: Track by scent +5
Armor Rating: 10
Damage Bonus: +3
HP: 32
Yum Yums: 2

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