Fratboy of the Week: The Party Animal

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I’m going to take a break from the general archetypes for a while and focus on archetypes for Fratboys Vs., a game we’ve had on the back burner for quite a while. If you’ve been to a convention where Hex has run games in the past six or seven years, you’ve probably played in or at least heard about Fratboys Vs., because it’s always successful and we run it a lot. The basic idea is this: You’re fratboys. Something (zombies, aliens, robots, ninjas, dinosaurs–anything, really) attacks you. You fight it. Seems simple, maybe even dumb, but it always works. We’ve been meaning to publish Fratboys for a while now, but we’ve kept pushing it back to work on other stuff. Although we haven’t added Fratboys to the schedule, I’ve decided to get back to work on in as soon as I finish up Waxman’s Warriors (coming out in just a few weeks). The time has come and, just as importantly, once Fratboys Vs. is finished, we get to start working on Roller Girls Vs.

So, long story short, you’re getting Fratboy archetypes for a while. I’ve changed the format a bit to better fit with the Fratboys Vs. genre. I’m also going to skip the Inspirational Materials section, since they’re all basically the same list of movies (Animal House, Van Wilder, PCU, Revenge of the Nerds, and probably a few others I’m missing). So, without further ado…

The Party Animal
The party animal isn’t so much a fellow fraternity brother as an destructive force of nature. While all fratboys like to get shit-faced, the party animal takes it to a level that most of his brothers can only dream of. Although the party animal can out-drink anyone this side of Jack Sparrow, he still somehow manages to be the drunkest guy in the room at all times. His Dionysian rants often result in destruction of or damage to property, relationships, and livestock.

The party animal’s class schedule is determined by what classes are offered in the late afternoon, and he remains undeclared for as long as possible. When finally forced to make a decision, he will choose the major that he’s got the most classes for under his belt. This can result in majors like “Pre-Colombian pottery” and “Appalachian Lesbian Studies.”

Extracurricular Activities
When not in class, the party animal is usually either drinking, going to buy alcohol, trying to come up with money to buy alcohol, or passed out from drinking too much alcohol. This leaves very little time for other activities, but the party animal may occasionally attend sporting events (especially if beer is sold) or engage in assorted pranks and hi-jinks.

The Numbers
Party animals need either a decent Body Number or a high alcohol tolerance in order to avoid alcohol poisoning. Brain and Nerve numbers vary wildly, but since party animals are usually drunk, most people may assume that their Nerve is higher and their Brain is lower than it really is.

Suggested Jobs:
Bartender, Class Clown, Football Player, Frat Enforcer, Future Senator, Musician, Petty Criminal, Rush Chair, Slacker

Suggested Gimmicks:
Always Has Booze, Cop Didn’t See It, Drunken Master, Everybody’s Buddy, Iron Stomach, Knows People, Life of the Party, Lucky, Man of 1,000 Majors, Open Beer Bottles With Anything, Rich Parents, Sober Up Fast

Suggested Weaknesses:
Academic Probation, Alcoholic, Anger Management Issues, Bear Trap Arm, Can’t Turn Down A Dare, Cop Magnet, Fat Drunk & Stupid, Fight Magnet, On The Dean’s Hit List, Reputation, Thrown Out of the Bar

Suggested Skills:
Bartending, Bass Player, Beer Lore, Beer Pong, Break Stuff, Drinking Games, Fake I.D., High Tolerance, Hooking Up, Intimidation, Keg Stand, Music Trivia, Poker, Singing, Streaking

John Belushi, Johnny Depp, Kevin Dillon, Will Farrell, The Fat Kid From Stand By Me, Sean Patrick Flannery, Ryan Hansen, Jimmy Kimmel, Matthew Lillard, Jason Mewes, Sean Penn, Bill Murray, Judd Nelson, Jeremy Piven, Seth Rogan, Sean William Scott, Charlie Sheen, Vince Vaughn

Frat Nickname:

Musical Tastes:
Hard rock, maybe with some heavy metal and soul mixed in.

Drug of Choice:

Prized Possession:
Hip flask.

An old beater, which he’s driving with suspended tags and possibly on a suspended drivers’ license.

Sample Character
John “Bluto” Blutarsky
Brain: 10
Job: Drunken Prankster (14)
Gimmick: Inspirational Speaking (15)
Weakness: Hulks Out Without Booze (15)
Skills: High Tolerance +3, Break Stuff +2, Stealth +1
WWPHITM? John Belushi
Dumb Fact: Later elected to U.S. Senate
Tag Line: “Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”
YY: 3

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