Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is the co-founder of Hex Games and co-creator of QAGS (the Quick Ass Game System). He has written, co-written, or otherwise contributed to numerous RPG supplements, including Spooky: The Definitive Guide to Horror Gaming, Sharktoberfest, and the ENnie Award-winning Hobomancer. He also writes non-gaming books, makes maps, and does digital art using Daz 3D Studio, AI, and other tools for people who can't draw. You can find links at

Dio Oz-Lehm

Here’s the first (and by far most civilized) of the northern cities. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here, but likes can help make it more likely I’ll get a cool prize for these. You need a World Anvil account (which, if you give me your username, will also allow you to see secret patron-only…

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