Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The wealthy society of illuminated masters are trying to harness the power of a/an/the heretical ray in order to make war against Monster Island

A/An/The deranged army of madmen are trying to summon a/an/the incorporeal spell in order to suppress Captains of Industry

A/An/The outlaw faction of vampires are trying to control a/an/the immaculate artifact in order to revitalize Aum Shinrikyo

A/An/The underappreciated coven of eco-terrorists are trying to ressurrect a/an/the alchemical virus in order to confound Jesus

A/An/The profiteering gathering of conspirators are trying to mentaly project a/an/the incorporeal forcefield in order to sabotage The Men In Mauve

A/An/The dogmatic confederation of illuminated masters are trying to build a/an/the demonic energy construct in order to annex Vampire Hitler

A/An/The self-righteous confederation of dead people are trying to construct a/an/the neural robot in order to infuriate El Dorado

A/An/The corrupt guild of conspirators are trying to harness the power of a/an/the unearthly spaceship in order to overpower Captains of Industry

A/An/The Hell-bent league of magicians are trying to buy a/an/the arcane machine in order to decimate Themiscyra

A/An/The maniacal army of Libertarians are trying to reconstruct a/an/the unfathomable generator in order to motivate The Republican Party

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