Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The malevolent guild of talking gorillas are trying to summon a/an/the visionary spell in order to draw upon the power of Kevin Bacon

A/An/The treacherous conglomerate of cheerleaders are trying to piece together a/an/the irrational virtual reality device in order to strengthen Google

A/An/The trippy ring of magicians are trying to dominate a/an/the fractal roadster in order to shatter the eschaton

A/An/The conspiratorial gang of ninjas are trying to discover the secrets of a/an/the psychic engine in order to provoke Atlantis

A/An/The honorable clan of sado-masochists are trying to ressurrect a/an/the transcendental energy construct in order to circumvent The FBI

A/An/The power-mad confederation of jet-setters are trying to unearth a/an/the ghostly bomb in order to provoke Michael Bay

A/An/The raving society of conspirators are trying to locate a/an/the cyclopean engine in order to eradicate Marxists

A/An/The fanatical gathering of conspirators are trying to ressurrect a/an/the Faustian mathematical formula in order to incite FEMA

A/An/The violent confederation of anime fans are trying to reconstruct a/an/the visionary space station in order to lay waste to The Democratic Party

A/An/The hidden coterie of witches are trying to dream a/an/the omnipotent sex toy in order to enslave Alien-Human Hybrids

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