Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The alien syndicate of oddballs are trying to ressurrect a/an/the dark matter supercomputer in order to sabotage Merlin

A/An/The deranged brotherhood of chaos magicians are trying to discover the secrets of a/an/the Voodoo doomsday device in order to desecrate John Malkovich

A/An/The powerful gathering of furries are trying to discover a/an/the psionic time machine in order to exhort Zombie Hitler

A/An/The powerful cult of cyborgs are trying to dominate a/an/the extraterrestrial artificial intelligence in order to open a gateway to The Alumbrados

A/An/The occult league of fratboys are trying to locate a/an/the celestial apparatus in order to circumvent The Anti-Christ

A/An/The profiteering gathering of Elvisomancers are trying to dream a/an/the chaos robot in order to decimate The Songlines

A/An/The apocalyptic union of talking gorillas are trying to harness the power of a/an/the sentient mech suit in order to liberate Dadaism

A/An/The treacherous syndicate of priests are trying to construct a/an/the enlightened pocket dimension in order to exhort The New World Order

A/An/The paranoid syndicate of illuminated masters are trying to dominate a/an/the high-tech computer program in order to infuriate The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

A/An/The dedicated guild of wizards are trying to locate a/an/the cosmic domed pleasure palace in order to suppress The Heritage Foundation

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