Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The underhanded circle of goths are trying to ressurrect a/an/the Delphic Fnord in order to overthrow Lady Gaga

A/An/The annoying conglomerate of assassins are trying to steal a/an/the Enochian mathematical formula in order to exhort Satan

A/An/The nihilist coven of madmen are trying to build a/an/the galactic sex toy in order to liberate Santa Claus

A/An/The wealthy confederation of conspirators are trying to unearth a/an/the fairy dust-powered creature in order to lay waste to The Aquarian Conspiracy

A/An/The wealthy fellowship of demons are trying to construct a/an/the antediluvian death trap in order to dominate FEMA

A/An/The psychopathic circle of Juggalos are trying to construct a/an/the unfathomable domed pleasure palace in order to suppress Asgard

A/An/The shady brotherhood of Discordians are trying to construct a/an/the Norse thingamajig in order to resurrect The Heritage Foundation

A/An/The fiery fellowship of cyborgs are trying to design a/an/the abstract artifact in order to control Demonic Underpants

A/An/The unholy alliance of Scientologists are trying to locate a/an/the ghostly computer program in order to wipe out The Grateful Dead

A/An/The Hell-bent order of Hobomancers are trying to construct a/an/the intesteller droid in order to draw upon the power of Valhalla

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