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Created on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 Written by Steve

Books and movies often use time spent traveling to help establish the characters and relationships between them, but it's sometimes hard to model this in a game, especially if your players aren't used to un-prompted role-playing. Sometimes, giving them something that looks a little more like a traditional RPG "encounter" can help. Roll on this table to generate interesting events that can serve as jumping-off points to role-playing.

  1. The party gets lost.
  2. The party encounters someone who is clearly insane.
  3. Something happens that gives a character a chance to demonstrate knowledge from his back-story.
  4. Something happens that gives a character a chance to demonstrate an ability that the other players haven't seen him use before. 
  5. The party encounters someone who wants to tag along/hitch a ride with them.
  6. Highwaymen/bandits/pirates attack!
  7. The PCs encounter someone who has been wounded.
  8. The party encounters police/guards/soldiers.
  9. Monsters/wild animals attack!
  10. The PCs encounters someone or something behaving strangely.
  11. The group encounters travelers who have recently been through the area where the PCs are bound.
  12. The party encounters someone in need of assistance.
  13. The PCs have a to solve some minor problem (flat tire, tree blocking the road, etc.) before continuing on their journey. 
  14. The party comes upon an unusual landmark.
  15. The characters come upon the scene of an accident.
  16. Bad weather forces the group to seek shelter.
  17. The characters discover an abandoned building.
  18. The group encounters a major landmark or town that isn't on the map. 
  19. While camping at night, the PCs hear strange noises, see ghostly figures, etc. 
  20. The party has a seemingly paranormal or supernatural experience (time slip, missing time, UFO encounter, bigfoot sighting, etc.)

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