A Hero Is Born

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Legendary characters are mythic from birth, and some are mythic from conception. If you're playing a game about mythic heroes, use this table to explain why they're so mythic. In a lot of case, knowing a character's birthright will help you come up with a Gimmick.

  1. Divine Bloodline
  2. Fairy Blood
  3. Demonic Heritage
  4. Miraculous Birth (virgin birth, parthenogenesis, hatched, etc.)
  5. Heroic Ancestry
  6. Born of Battle
  7. Raised By Animals
  8. Seventh Son of A Seventh Son
  9. Born with a Birth Caul
  10. Blessed (by gods, wizards, fairies, or whatever)
  11. Birth Marked By Great Person's Death (character is probably thought to be a reincarnation of that person).
  12. Animal Played A Role In The Character's Birth (even as just a witness)
  13. Subject of a Prophecy
  14. Born Under A Blood Moon
  15. Born At A Crossroads
  16. Born On Midsummer's Eve
  17. Born On Winter Solstice
  18. Born On Halloween
  19. Born During An Eclipse
  20. Natural Disaster Coincided With Birth

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