What's The Bad Guy Planning?

Category: Tuesday Table
Created on Tuesday, 05 March 2013 Written by Steve

No more random generators, this week, just a couple of good old-fashioned tables to help you figure out what your villain is up to.

The bad guy wants to...

  1. pick up chicks
  2. obtain vast magical power
  3. destabilize the world economy
  4. control the weather
  5. commit genocide
  6. control the drug supply
  7. overthrow a country
  8. steal something
  9. become famous
  10. get rich quick
  11. get revenge on an enemy
  12. rule the criminal underworld
  13. exert political influence
  14. become immortal
  15. take over the world
  16. show them all
  17. summon an ancient elder god
  18. bring someone back from the dead
  19. reshape the world in his own image
  20. destroy the world

with a scheme involving...

  1. Kevin Bacon
  2. Atlantis
  3. genetic engineering
  4. undercover agents
  5. a new designer drug
  6. an ancient magical artifact
  7. mind control
  8. a doomsday device
  9. blackmail
  10. sabotage/terrorism
  11. an international incident
  12. super science
  13. cult activity
  14. an ancient prophecy
  15. cybernetic gorillas
  16. alien technology
  17. an ancient blasphemous tome
  18. an army of monsters
  19. the lost secrets of Leonardo DaVinci
  20. a Tantric supercomputer

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