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Created on Tuesday, 18 December 2012 Written by Steve

Supporting characters are a lot more interesting when there's something weird about them. While you don't want to give every single GMC the characters meet a quirky trait (unless you're playing a David Lynch-style game), important or recurring characters will be more memorable if they've got an unusual trait. The list below is for modern games, but most of them will work for other settings if you tweak the details a bit.

  1. Believes that he is the descendant of Emperor Norton I, and expects to be treated accordingly
  2. Is constantly trying to solve a Rubik's Cube
  3. Is obsessed with Tom Brokaw
  4. Always wears a Star Fleet uniform
  5. Claims that he invented Google and was screwed out of his share of the company
  6. Always trying to give people creepy neck messages
  7. Has an incredibly annoying, high-pitched voice
  8. Break dances whenever possible
  9. Always wearing the perfect hat for the occasion
  10. Full-blown paranoid conspiracy nut
  11. Talks like John Wayne
  12. Carries a pocket full of peanuts that he eats constantly and just throws the shells on the floor no matter where he is
  13. Dresses like WHAM!
  14. Won't shut up about the time he met Tom Arnold
  15. Constantly getting into arguments with his ventriloquist's dummy
  16. Gives everyone nicknames
  17. Only speaks in song lyrics
  18. Drives an AMC Pacer Wagon painted in swirling day-glow colors
  19. Carries a Lincoln Hawk action figure in his pocket, which he consults when making decisions
  20. Won't stop quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail, no matter how much you beg

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