Apocalyptic Scenarios

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Created on Wednesday, 07 November 2012 Written by Steve

For the last week, both parties have been telling you about the terrible, terrible things that will happen if the other party wins. In the spirit of our short-term electoral thinking, here are apocalyptic scenarios for your game.

  1. Ducks develop hyper-intelligence, take over world. 
  2. Jesus returns. And this time, he's pissed. 
  3. Dinosaurs return, and they're even more pissed than Jesus.
  4. Jesus returns with an army of pissed-off dinosaurs. 
  5. Pole Shift
  6. Mad scientists actually manages to take over the world. 
  7. Zombies!
  8. Alien innvasion
  9. Great flood
  10. Nuclear winter
  11. Society collapses
  12. Monsters from another dimension invade earth
  13. Apes rise
  14. Armies from hollow worth take over the surface world
  15. A super-wizard from beyond the stars enslaves earth
  16. Earth's most powerful super-heroes realize that serving mankind is stupid; set themselves up as evil overlords
  17. Space and time collapse
  18. Earth to be demolished to make way for a new hyperspace bypass; plans are on file
  19. Book of Revelations comes true
  20. Cthulhu rises

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