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Created on Tuesday, 09 October 2012 Written by Steve

Since we just released Magic Rules! (which you can download absolutely free), this week's table is full of non-traditional magical traditions that you can use in your modern fantasy game.

  1. Hipstermancy (magic based on being an insufferable jagoff)
  2. Elvismancy (the pursuit of perfect peace and harmony through Elvisness)
  3. Palahniukism (seeking mystical enlightenment by getting the shit beaten out of you (and beating the shit out of others))
  4. Literamancy (magic based on characters, tropes, and situations from fiction)
  5. Automancy (magic based on car culture)
  6. Discordianism (the worship of Eris)
  7. Gangamancy (weed-based magic)
  8. Gonzomancy (chaos magic powered by subjective mystical associations based on personal history, political beliefs, pop culture trivia, and drug-induced hallucinations)
  9. Guitar Wizardry (changing the world through the power of rock)
  10. Jungian Magic (summoning archetypes to do your bidding, astral traveling through the collective unconscious, and creating your own synchronicities)
  11. Urban Shamanism (calling upon the spirits of the city to do your magical bidding)
  12. Ecomancy (magic for dirty hippie tree-huggers)
  13. Webomancy (sending curses through email, casting spells via web browser, divination through CAPTCHA images, etc)
  14. Cinemancy (creating (usually short, usually experimental) films that magically affect the audience)
  15. Culiniurgy (food magic)
  16. Jestomancy (magic based on jokes, gags, and pranks)
  17. Pornomancy (Tantric magic for the modern exhibitionist)
  18. Santamancy (magic that uses toys to focus spells)
  19. Hobomancy (hobo magic)
  20. Morrisonism (the mystical quest to be come a comic book super-hero)

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