Tuesday Table: Iconic Locations

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Created on Tuesday, 14 August 2012 Written by Steve

Use this table when you need to figure out where the climactic final battle takes place, what the villain's secret lair is hidden under, or where a GMC spent his recent vacation.

  1. The Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota
  2. The Golden Gate Bridge
  3. The Alamo
  4. The Mall in Washington, D.C.
  5. Niagra Falls
  6. Churchill Downs
  7. The Empire State Building
  8. Disney World
  9. Mount Rushmore
  10. The Grand Canyon
  11. The Hollywood Sign
  12. The Vegas Strip
  13. The Statue of Liberty
  14. The Seattle Space Needle
  15. Alcatraz
  16. Pearl Harbor
  17. Rock City
  18. The French Quarter in New Orleans
  19. Independence Hall
  20. Graceland


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Tuesday Table: Iconic Locations.
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