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Created on Tuesday, 07 August 2012 Written by Steve

Since Tom Waits has a new album on the way, here's a random table of characters from his songs. No matter how you work them into your game, they're bound to add a little weirdness.

Correction: As it turns out, Tom's teasers weren't for a new album announcement. They were for the video of "Hell Broke Luce" from Bad As Me . Wishful thinking on my part, I guess.--Steve

  1. George W. Bush from "The Road to Peace" (WWPHITM? Dennis Quaid)
  2. The Captain (A one-eyed dwarf who's fond of gambling.) from "Singapore" (WWPHITM? Peter Dinklage)
  3. The hooker from Minneapolis from "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis" (WWPHITM? Marissa Tomei)
  4. A man in a blue trench coat (Never trust him) from "Telephone Call From Istanbul" (WWPHITM? Donald Sutherland)
  5. Hannibal, or maybe just Rex (He knows karate. Voodoo, too) from "Goin' Out West" (WWPHITM? Gary Oldman from True Romance)
  6. The Jersey girl from "Jersey Girl" (WWPHTIM? Alyssa Milano)
  7. The Black Rider from "The Black Rider" (WWPHITM? Johnny Depp)
  8. The neighbor from "What's He Building In There?" (WWPHITM? Tom Waits)
  9. The soldier in "The Day After Tomorrow" (WWPHTIM? Mark Wahlberg)
  10. Frank from "Frank's Wild Years" (WWPHITM? Jeremy Piven)
  11. Big Joe from "Big Joe and the Phantom 309 (WWPHITM? John Goodman)
  12. The hobo in "Cold Water" (WWPHTIM? Jim Beaver) 
  13. Philly Joe Remarkable from "Heart Attack and Vine" (WWPHTIM? George Clooney)
  14. Presley from "Burma Shave" (WWPHITM? Nicholas Cage from Wild at Heart)
  15. The cook from "Filipino Box Spring Hog" (WWPHITM? Woody Harrelson)
  16. John from "Gun Street Girl" (WWPHTIM? Johnny Knoxville)
  17. Peoria Johnson (He can break out of any jail with a fish bone) from "Fish in the Jailhouse" (WWPHITM? Steve Buscemi)
  18. Big Jack Earle from "Get Behind the Mule" (WWPHTIM? Robbie Coltrane) 
  19. The guy on shore leave in "Shore Leave" (WWPHTIM? Nathan Fillion)
  20. Your second cousin from "The Heart of Saturday Night" (WWPHTIM? Ken Marino)


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Tuesday Table: Tom Waits Characters.
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