Tuesday Table: Random Small-Town Festivals

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Created on Tuesday, 31 July 2012 Written by Steve

With Special Guest Table Co-Creators Brandon, James, Lindsay, and Richard.

  1. Weasel Stomping Day
  2. Tater Day
  3. Watermelon Day
  4. The Annual Migration of the Swallows
  5. Turkey Testicle Festival
  6. George Washington Slept Here Day
  7. New Mailbox Day
  8. New Phone Book Day
  9. Get Drunk Or Else Day
  10. Arbitrary Vacation Day
  11. St. Hubbins' Day
  12. Ride Your Bike To Church Day
  13. Talk Like Jerry Reed Day
  14. Chalk Art Festival
  15. Bingo Day
  16. Mulligan Stew Day
  17. Bob Barker's Celebrity Pet Fixing Day
  18. Poke With A Stick Day
  19. The Torch and Pitchfork Festival
  20. Hippie Punchin' Day


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Tuesday Table: Random Small-Town Festivals.
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