Tuesday Table: Fight Scene Events

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Created on Tuesday, 17 July 2012 Written by Steve

Descriptive combat can be tough, and even the best GMs and players occasionally fall back on "I swing at it." "You hit it." If you're having trouble keeping a fight scene interesting, roll and either introduce the new element, give a player a chance to take the action rolled, or have a bad guy take the action rolled (whichever is appropriate for the scene and the action rolled).

  1. Interesting Technique (A character uses a weapon in some way other than intended--throwing a sword, using a gun as a club, etc.).
  2. Disarm
  3. Indirect Attack (For example, a character shoots at the rope holding a potted plant so it will fall on his opponent's head).
  4. Improvised Weapon (A character causes damage with something other than a traditional weapon--throwing an opponent through a plate glass window or running over him with a piano on rollers, for example).
  5. Improvised Shield (At just the right moment, a character picks up or ducks behind something to avoid an attack--maybe he picks up a small table to fend off a sword attack or jumps around the corner to keep a bullet from hitting him).
  6. Who Put That There? (A character trips over or crashes into something--a glass door, a cat, etc.).
  7. Out of the Frying Pan Into The Fire (A character avoids an attack only to end up hurting himself or getting into a potentially dangerous situation--for instance, he knocks a pan of boiling water over on himself or jumps into the pen where the bad guy keeps his lion collection).
  8. Angry, Ineffective Bystander (A little old lady, poodle, or nerd joins the fight).
  9. Angry, Combat-Ready Bystander (All the noise has annoyed the next-door neighbor, who happens to be a Marine).
  10. Innocent Bystander 
  11. Blinding Attack (A character tries to blind an opponent by throwing sand in his face, wrapping a curtain around his head, etc.)
  12. Entangle Attack (A character attempts to entangle his opponent--or gets caught up in--some ropes, nets, curtains, or other convenient prop)
  13. Dirty Tricks (Lots of possibilities here).
  14. Distraction (There's a loud noise, bright flash of light, etc. Everyone who fails a Nerve roll loses their next action due to surprise).
  15. Unnecessary Acrobatics (A character does some impressive jumps, flips, etc. as part of his attack).
  16. Environmental Hazard (A steam pipe bursts, somebody knocks over a can of something slick, something catches fire, etc.
  17. Hide and Seek (A character manages to elude his attacker and is hiding somewhere unexpected).
  18. Combo (Any character who gets a Lucky Break gets to make a second attack against the same opponent).
  19. We've Got Company (Allies, an unaffiliated third party, or the cops arrive).
  20. Insta-Kill (Any PC who rolls a Lucky Break automatically kills the GMC he's attacking, preferably in a spectacular or gruesome way).


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Tuesday Table: Fight Scene Events.
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