Monster of the Week: The White River Monster

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Created on Thursday, 30 September 2010 Written by Steve

Also Known As: “Whitey”

Description: Eyewitness accounts of the White River Monster vary. Some say it’s “catfish-like,” while others describe it has having the serpent-like appearance more common to water-dwelling cryptids. Whitey has smooth, gray skin that is sometimes reported as peeling all over its body. According to one account, Whitey has a large bone projecting from its face, and some reports claim it also has a spiny ridge along its back. The White River Monster’s reported size varies from around 15 feet long and 5 feet wide to 30 feet long and “as big as a boxcar.” Three-toed tracks over a foot long found on the banks of the river are commonly believed to belong to Whitey. The White River Monster is reputed to make a noise that combines a cow’s “moo” with a horse’s “neigh.”

BMA Classification: The Bureau of Monster Affairs classifies the White River Monster as a cryptid, so the creature should only be destroyed if it presents a clear and present danger to human life. Additionally, in 1973 the state of Arkansas established the White River Monster Refuge, which covers the area of the river adjacent to Jacksonport State Park. It is against state law to “molest, kill, trample, or harm the White River Monster while he is in the retreat.”

Powers: Whitey has been known to use his enormous size to capsize small to mid-sized boats, but no other unusual powers have been reported.

Vulnerabilities: None known.

Biology and Habitat: Very little is known about the White River Monster, but it seems to be a peaceful cryptid unless provoked. As its name implies, all sightings of Whitey have occurred in or on the banks of the White River in Arkansas. Cryptozoologist Roy P. Mackal has theorized that Whitey may be an out-of-place elephant seal.

Sightings: One story claims that Whitey was responsible for sinking a gunboat during the civil war, but no reliable contemporary records have been found. The first documented sighting of the creature was in 1915 by a man who owned a plantation bordering the river. In 1937, a man named Bramblett Bateman encountered the creature on several occasion. A county deputy was with Bateman during one of the sightings. The most recent report of Whitey took place in 1971, when the creature overturned a boat occupied by Ollie Ritcherson and Joey Dupree.

Additional Information: Like many other water monsters, Whitey has become the subject of a small but thriving local souvenir industry.  

Body: 15
Brain: 5
Job: River Monster (13)
Gimmick: Capsize Boat (14)
Weakness: None
Skills: None
Size: Huge--Whitey rolls 2 extra dice (taking the best result) for most Body-based resisted rolls against human-sized opponents.
Armor Rating: 4
Damage Bonus: +12 (bite)
HP: 100
Yum Yums: 3

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Monster of the Week: The White River Monster.
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