Monster of the Week: The Enfield Horror

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Created on Thursday, 22 July 2010 Written by Steve

Also Known As: No other known names.

Description: The Enfield Horror is described as bing 4.5-5 feet tall and grayish in color with large “flashlight-sized” red or pinkish eyes. The creature has two short,  arms growing from the front of its chest and three legs with, one smaller than the others. Its tracks are similar to a dog’s but with six toe pads. A group of M-Forcers who encountered the creature report that its body is hairy. When threatened creature hisses “like a wildcat”

BMA Classification: The Enfield Horror is listed on the Official Monster List by the Bureau of Monster Affairs.

Powers: The Enfield Horror is able to leap 20 feet or more in a single bound and appears to be very resistant to bullets.

Vulnerabilities: Unknown.

Biology and Habitat: An Enfield Horror has never been killed, captured, or observed for extended periods, so its biology and habits are no known. All confirmed sightings of the creature took place near the L&N railroad tracks in Enfield, Illinois.

Sightings: The only confirmed sightings of the Enfield Horror occurred in the town of Enfield in southern Illinois during the early 1970s. Upon hearing reports of the creature, M-Forcers from the St. Louis office travelled to Enfield to investigate. The monster hunters encountered the creature, but it shrugged off bullets and escaped.

A “baboon-like” leaping monster was blamed for livestock deaths in nearby Mt. Vernon Illinois in the 1940s, but reports are not detailed enough to determine if this was the same type of creature encountered in Enfield.

An M-Forcer from Tennessee who hopped a train to California in the 1960s claims that an old hobo he met along the way told the story of an encounter with a “three-legged pink-eyed so-and-so” that sounds very similar to the Enfield creature. The hobo’s sighting took place sometime in the 1930s near Greeley, Iowa.

Additional Information: Cryptozoologists and folklorists speculate that the creature may be an extraterrestrial of demon, but there is insufficient evidence to confirm either theory.

Body: 13
Brain: 7
Job: Monster (13)
Gimmick: Jumping (16)
Weakness: None
Skills: Frightening Appearance +2
Armor Rating: 5
Damage Bonus: The creature’s claws have a damage bonus of +2
HP: 26
Yum Yums: 1

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Monster of the Week: The Enfield Horror.
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